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The promised land

Posted in Rock Climbing with tags , on June 8, 2012 by Dr Dan Barrios-O'Neill

Anyone who’s ever spent any time wandering around looking for new boulders and crags will have experienced something I like to call “diminishing boulder syndrome”, DBS for short. The sequence goes something like this:


1.Spot an amazing boulder in the distance, it’s majassive, at least 20 m high.

2.Trek towards it for an hour, bog, brambles, midgies. Ignore the fact that it now looks about 3 m high. It MUST be amazing.



Yes, it’s shit. Again.

99% of all exploration ends this way. Even if it is big enough to climb on so much of what defines good climbing resides in the details: too many holds, too few, quality of rock and, above all, quality of movement. Movement is king.
So, if you do find something brilliant amongst all the rubbish it’s like a gift of chance, a very special thing indeed. It’s that alone that keeps anyone psyched enough hammering away at step 2.