Thumbing the wagon down

After rediscovering the pleasures of climbing on actual rocks, particularly untouched ones, my motivation to explore is well and truly back. Much of the legwork can now be done virtually; Google street view, Panoramio and Youtube are all brilliant tools but, as I’ve said in the past, the devil is in the details. So much rock holds superficial promise, but up close ends up giving no climbing, or terrible climbing.

So, when you find incredible unclimbed features amongst all the choss, the childish sense of excitement is difficult to suppress. Is this the biggest climbable roof in Ireland?


Given my current lack of fitness, and the greasy conditions I tried it in, it’s probably very doable with a little effort. The prospect of linking this is all the motivation I’ll ever need to get back on the wagon, and there’s only one crimp, so the gammy finger is no excuse.

I’ll be climbing 20 move power endurance roof problems on my home wall for the foreseeable.

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